Advancing opportunities for all Latino/a/x and Hispanic communities

The Hispanic Research Center (HRC) is a university-wide, interdisciplinary research unit founded in 1985 and administratively housed within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The HRC conducts basic and applied research on a broad range of topics related to Latino/a/x and Hispanic populations.

A hub for transformative education and research.

- Excerpt from HRC charter

New professor brings her passion for politics — and sports — to ASU

Arizona State University’s Stella Rouse has a serious job. She is the new director of the Hispanic Research Center, engages a variety of academics and artists, and writes research articles as part of her duties.

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HRC director Stella Rouse quoted in AZ Republic / Biden polls poorly vs. Trump in Arizona as campaign gets going. Here's why he's struggling

President Joe Biden continues to poll behind former President Donald Trump in Arizona and other swing states that likely will determine the outcome of next year’s election, even though the sitting president has begun campaigning in the state.

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